• Pokiez Casino and Exclusive Welcome Bonus

    Pokiez Casino's name has an almost legendary connotation in the iGaming world: it's the largest privately owned gaming company in the world! Add to that nearly 20 years of industry experience, and our expectations for Pokiez Casino soar to cosmic heights! With our recent casino testing, we shed light on the extent to which our expectations can be validated. Did we miss the reality check?

  • Story: When father and son ...

    Pokiez Casino development history is a little more personal than most, precisely because the company was founded by individuals and a father and his son. That's a pretty original way to build a strong father-son relationship, don't you think? Where other fathers go bowling, fishing or even drinking with their sons, these two had very different agendas. It's hard for an outsider to imagine what this project means to them, let alone a wife and mom! What did she think of it?
    A father and his adult son from Canada started an online poker room called "Pokiez" together in 2001. One more trivia: the founding date is 9/11, the day that became known as "911" because of the horrific terrorist attacks in New York City. A bad sign? Hardly, because the enterprising father-son duo has been extremely successful at the poker project.

  • Family project - cool

    With the rapid spread of the Internet and all the associated emerging market niches, Pokiez has achieved tremendous success in just a few years. The company has sponsored the most important poker tournaments around the world and won many awards. More and more people had access to the Internet and a home computer, so the game of online poker took off. Competing companies were bought up, Guinness World Records were set, which were later broken themselves, there were problems with the FBI - you can imagine the adventures of the founding family during these years in the most colorful colors! The company is still the leader in the online poker market.

  • Don't Miss: Pokiez Casino Welcome Bonus!

    It is clear that with such a success poker could not just stay. Since 2014, there is also an online casino under the Pokiez brand - Pokiez Casino, which we took a close look at in our current review. Especially great: we can offer you an exclusive welcome bonus at Pokiez casino australia! This is an approximate 100% deposit bonus of up to €500 and 50 free spins on Jackpot Slot Stars Genie, which was developed by Pokiez Casino itself and therefore cannot be replicated anywhere else.
    This bonus, of course, far exceeds the usual welcome bonus amount , which means that you, as our regular reader, will really benefit from this deal. All you have to do to qualify for the exclusive Pokiez Casino Welcome Bonus: Click on one of our Pokiez Casino links, register a new account and use the bonus code "GERMANY500". It's that easy!

  • Reality Check: Real Gold Still Shines Best

    So, how did our reality check go? It is well known that not everything that glitters is actually gold. As you probably guessed, Pokiez Casino convinced us completely, otherwise we could hardly recommend it to you with a clear conscience!

    For all the details, information and a few tips, read our gaming experience report, because then you'll know firsthand exactly what awaits you at Pokiez Casino. Because preparation has never been a mistake - even with a truly golden provider like Pokiez Casino!